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Daily Bible Study

By : Dudley Smith

Daily Bible Study By Dudley Smith - Books
Item #: 34808

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This is a "Study the Bible in a year" reading program. It is done in seven-eight week volumes. Unlike any other ‘read the Bible in a year’ program which just give you a passage of scripture to look up and read, you will notice that these volumes are all self contained with the passage for the day. You no longer have to worry about carrying a separate Bible with you. Using this daily Bible reading system is easy. Not only is there each scripture passage for the day, but there also Bible commentary notes included in each daily reading. The scripture passages are the taken from the King James Version of the Bible. The concise commentary is taken from the popular Matthew Henry Concise Bible commentary. These Bible notes are used by many of today’s top pastors and teachers on a regular basis. They are there to help you gain a deeper knowledge of the scriptures and will prove to be very valuable in your Bible reading. You are no longer just reading the scripture, but now you are actually studying the Bible at the same time; so you could call it a true ‘Daily Bible Study’ program.

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Daily Bible Study

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