My Sins Are Gone By Dudley Smith - Music

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My Sins Are Gone

By : Dudley Smith

My Sins Are Gone By Dudley Smith - Music
Item #: 20032015

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Every once in a while, a project will come along that has the potential to become very meaningful to the body of Christ. This is a musical experience that will move you to a deeper walk with God. When we began, I did not realize how deep and rich this project would become. While recording each song, I realized that these were not just old songs, but songs of origin in our Christian walk, and that we had been given the opportunity to touch the world with a message of truth and light. Each song speaks to a special part of us; awakening our hope and reassuring our faith in God. This music is timeless and will remain in your spirit for a long time to come. Our prayer is that you will sense and know that God is near; giving you peace, love, healing of soul and body; and blessing your life completely.

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My Sins Are Gone

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