I Do Declare By DSM Media Group - Music

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I Do Declare

By : DSM Media Group

I Do Declare By DSM Media Group - Music
Item #: DSM5266

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There is a good reason of why the music placed on this project has been selected. The mission is to bring glory to God, and to encourage the praise of Christ that's felt in each song. Dudley's passion is clearly seen and heard in each song presented. With deep faith this musical performance brings us into another moment of worship and praise that will have listeners appreciating each song. Some say hymns are not for todays music lovers, but this album proudly brings both the old, as well as the new into our personal worship experience. To God be the glory, for the great things He has done. We give Him all the praise.

Sale Price : $12.00
Was : $18.98

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I Do Declare

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